Guinea Fowl: Complete Guide to Raising Guinea Fowl

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Are you curious about guinea fowl and what it takes to raise them? And if they would be a good fit for your homestead and property? 

This book will give you exactly what you need to raise keets and how to keep them alive as long as possible.

 You will either be a guinea lover...or a guinea hater...find out why!

The information in this book will talk about these 10 topics:

  1. Guinea Fowl Varieties
  2. Guinea Fowl Facts
  3. Training Guinea Fowl 
  4. Guinea Fowl Breeding
  5. Guinea Fowl Eggs
  6. Guinea Fowl Meat 
  7. Health Concerns
  8. Hatching Guinea Eggs
  9. Raising Healthy Keets
  10. Pros & Cons
  11. Further Reading 

Don't let those guineas fool you...once or twice!...get it right the first time so your summer can be free of ticks and your guineas will be happy and healthy through the winter. 

These tips will show you exactly what guineas need at each stage of their life.

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