Goat Health and Information Binder

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100% of goats will get sick in their lifetime. 

Your goats will get sick. 

You need to get your paperwork in order to be able to track when, where, what and how of all the things you've done with your goats and what you need to do in the future. 

It's that important.

Whether you have a working goat business or are working towards a goat business or primarily own goats for pleaser, these records are so important to keep to help you keep your goats healthy. 

This is what you will find in this binder:

    • Goat Profile & Records: Track all shots, working, hoof trimming, and breeding info through the year.
    • Record of Treatment
    • Breeding, Pregnancy, Delivery and Offspring Notes
    • Purchase, Selling and Death Record
    • Reputable Breeders
    • Personalized calendar dates for pregnancy
    • Vendor and Supply List
    • 1st Goat Essentials
    • Emergency Plan
    • Goat Health at a Glance
    • Taking Temperature
    • Hoof Trimming
    • Disbudding
    • Sick Goat Symptoms
    • Milk Records
    • Lineage Tracker
    • Goat Weight
    • Kidding Kit
    • Medication Kit
    • Symptom Checker
    • Quick Glance Herd Inventory
    • Replacement Records
    • Cull Records
    • Feed Inventory
    • Goat Sales
    • Doe Individual Performance Records
    • Buck Individual Performance Records
    • Kid Records
    • Goat Treatment Plan and Records
    • Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly Care Plan

    Print these items out immediately, put them in a sturdy binder and start tracking your goat information. 

    You will be so glad you did...when the time comes that your goat is in need of your help!

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