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This goat binder will steer you towards the money. 

If you are raising goats to add income for your family, then you absolutely must be keeping records. And not only for the purpose of keeping the tax man happy. 

You need to know exactly what is happening in your goat heard because the money is in...your goat herd. 

Why is this record keeping so necessary? 

You cannot manage what you cannot measure!

And if you don't have a handle on what you have done and are doing, you certainly can't know what you should be doing!

If you actually want to make money with your goat herd, then you need to be actively, consistently and diligently keeping all of these records.

  • Profitable Selling Framework Quick Overview of Areas of Profit for Goats
  • Profitable Selling Framework: 14 pages of the precise HOW to sell goats and the questions you need to ask and answer to get to the sale
  • Breeding, Pregnancy, Deliver and Offspring Notes
  • Purchase, Selling and Death Record
  • Vendor and Supply List
  • Reputable Breeders
  • Tracking and Comparing Year to Year
  • Income and Expense Records
  • Blank Calendar
  • Pertinent Info and Outline of What to Include in Ads
  • Goat Milk Records
  • Lineage Tracker
  • Quick Glance Herd Inventory
  • Replacement Records
  • Cull Records
  • Flyer for Goat Business Exposure and Advertising
  • Feed Inventory
  • Goat Sales Records
  • Individual Doe Records
  • Individual Buck Records
  • Kid Records
  • Pregnancy Percentage Records
  • Kidding Percentage Records
  • Kidding Death Loss Percentage Records

      Are you ready to get your records in high gear to turn your goat herd to profits?

      I certainly hope so!

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