Duck Dough: The Complete Guide to Raising Ducks for Profit

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Are you a duck owner or a wannabe duck owner? 

This book literally is a complete guide to raising ducks, even if you don't want to raise them for profit. 

You will learn how to hatch them and how to raise them from duckling to full-grown duck and the 7 ways to earn income from them. 

This e-book is 78 pages of over 20,000 words. This is meaty and full of awesome, to-the-point information about every aspect of raising ducks. 

Here are the chapters:

  • Choosing the Right Duck Breed
  • Raising Healthy Ducks
  • Raising Ducks for Eggs
  • Raising Ducks for Meat
  • Health Concerns in Ducks
  • Hatching Duck Eggs
  • Raising Healthy Ducklings
  • Pros and Cons of Raising Ducks
  • Sell Duck Eggs
  • Sell Day-Old Ducklings
  • Sell Grown Ducks
  • Sell Hatching Eggs
  • Sell Meat Ducks
  • Sell Duck Feathers
  • Sell Duck Manure

If you haven't read my book Chicken Rich, you should! But more importantly, go read the reviews of Chicken Rich and know that this book has just as much information and quality as that one. 

You are in for a treat (and a healthy, friendly duck) when you read through these pages. 


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