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Hey there! My name is Delci. I'm the voice behind my website and my best selling product My Goat Binder. (It's sold and personally shipped out more than 5,600 copies so far all over the world.)

I want to help you raise healthy goats! I can and you can too!

And because I'm a stay at home mom, who desires to raise my children at home feeding their bodies healthy, nutritious food and their minds solid, real life work and fun, I know how hard it can be to do all of that!

Besides goats, I've also set out as my mission in life to live a full life learning how to balance home, kid and work life. And I believe that it IS possible to earn income right where I am, at home, with what I have. 

And I believe the same is true for you as well. 

You can earn income from home.

There is so much to check out below. Resources for goats and on you can find resources and e-Books intended to help you expand your income. 

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Hey! I'm Delci!