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My Goat Binder

A Life of Heritage

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My Goat Binder
My Goat Binder
My Goat Binder

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Your next step in goat ownership...

Medications, goat weight and treatment plans

For $25 plus shipping, get this binder shipped right to your door

AND get all of the essential bonuses listed below!

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Raising Goats is FUN!

Nubian Goat Kira

Until you realize they are more fragile than you thought.

Disorganization is no fun.

Frantic searching is frustrating.

Lack of confidence is overwhelming.

Scouring the internet has just given you disjointed paperwork,

scattered information and that feeling...

that feeling that says you are missing something really important. 

What if something goes wrong...?

Losing your favorite goat before her time because you didn't know what to do and didn't have the right information is a terrifying thought. 

Goat with horns

Goats Need Quick Attention

When your goat is sick, every moment counts. 

white goat with horns on black background

Goats Need the Proper Dosages

Goats can very easily and quickly overdose on medications.

Boar goat

Goats Need Essential Nutrition, Always

Without it, a goat WILL get sick and have problems.


2 paths

Your Options

you choose

Go It Alone


 in lifetime money and time spent
  • Find the information on your own
  • Take the time to create the Excel worksheets
  • Guess on treatment plans
  • Make costly mistakes
  • Lose your favorite goat...just like I did before I had this information at hand

My Goat Binder

Crafted for Goat Owners


one time

  • All the information mailed to your front door
  • All forms, documents, and plans created and ready to use, download and print
  • Treatment and prevention plans ready to be consulted
  • Costly mistakes avoided
  • Rewarded with healthy goats

I found this out the hard way...

I've wasted so much time looking for that small scrap of paper with scribbles stretching from one corner to the next and my heart has pounded to the minutes ticking by at a rapid rate as I look for the proper dosage information just one more time. I've licked my dry lips as I was about to stick a needle into my goats neck, just hoping this would stop the pneumonia racing through her body. ​

Then, I had enough. I found the solution I'd been looking for...

This solution came together as an answer to everything I've ever needed to know and use in my goat care...

And was the result of all that panic and lack of confidence, and now...

Here I am. Wanting to help you be the confident goat owner you really can be.

It all began 11 years ago...

knowing absolutely nothing about goats...except that they are exceptionally cute and loving and really love to chew on anything connected to YOU...​

When my first goats arrived home, I had no idea what it took to raise them. Within a couple of months, one already had a broken leg from a horse kicking it and they followed us around like dogs. In fact, they knocked open the screen door on a windy summer night, and tip toed into and through the house, leaving a trail of tiny, round, black marbles and spent the night under the computer desk...quite happily, I might add!

But the complications really grew when the milking goats became a permanent part of my heart. The demand on their bodies from being in milk, being pregnant and giving birth was more than I realized and after a couple of years of raising goats, my first doe died in labor. 

And it was almost too much to bear.

I didn't have the proper tools handy and useable at a split second notice. I needed my resources to be right there. I needed the proper dosages handy without searching the internet. I needed, at a glance, to be able to look through the history of my goat herd.

It was after this frustration of not having what I needed, that I began to put together what I did need. I don't waste another minute looking for records. I stopped browsing endless articles for possible reasons my goat may be sick. I completely limited my concerns I had...even about medications!

A Goat Management Binder system became my saving grace!Imagine right now what it would be worth to raise your goat with confidence and to give them the care they need exactly when they need it.​

When you don't have to spend stressful time and energy trying to find out what's wrong with your goats and you have your system set up to keep them can spend more time with your family. You brought your goats home to bless them with goat snuggles and delicious goat milk anyway!

And you all can enjoy those cute goats together as they chew on your hair and the corner of your coat. When you enjoy your goats because they are happy and healthy, you will spend more time with those cute goats you fell in love with!

And above all that you will come into the house after a great day with your family and goats and feel accomplished and organized in your goat care.

And you don't even have to waste any time trying to piece all this information together on your own and you don't have to waste money on a sick goat, because you will be confident in your assessment of your goat's health and what to do when things are not as they should be. 

The Binder that Knows it All...

And Records All of it...

My Goat Binder

  • A better way to keep records all in one place
  • Your deep breath of confidence and a lighter walk to the goat barn
  • The information you need right at your fingertips
  • Happier, healthier goats

My Goat Binder will simplify your every day tasks and will allow you to cut overwhelm and get more done. It will also save you money by keeping accurate records and will help you raise healthy goats. 

Within minutes you will be able to immediately know how to diagnose a sick goat and you will know what to do about it.

This is what you'll get...

My Goat Binder Record Book

My Goat Binder Book

You will receive in the mail a paper back book where you can easily rip out the pages and put them in a three ring binder. This 88 page book will be professionally printed and will make your goat binder as pretty as it is useful!

It is also color coordinated to easily see which paperwork is for your does and which is for your bucks and wethers!

*TIP: Laminating the medication, treatment plan, symptom pages, recipe and how-to pages will help keep the pages usable for years to come!

ebook version of goat record keeping

My Goat Binder e-Book

You will also receive access to the e-Book version of this binder. If you have multiple goats, you can print out multiple health, information, breeding, pregnancy, treatment plans, milking records and any of the other pages you may need more than one of. 

This e-Book version will be accessible at any time for you to fully use!

Printable goat files

Yearly Goat Records PDFs

Ok. So, you bring home a new goat to your goat herd. That's TOTALLY normal...and to be expected. But you need the paperwork for this new goat but don't want to pick and chose which pages to print out and definitely don't want to print out the entire goat binder again.

This is an easy solution! These PDF's will be the exact paperwork you will need for each goat. Save it to your computer in a place you will never forget ( I the only one who saves things on my computer in places that will never be found again?) But that won't be you! You will save these files and will be able to print them out again and again with ease.

And then when this year has flown by, you will need to print out paperwork to keep track of your goat's health next year. This will be the easiest way to do just that!

Below are exclusive bonuses you won't get anywhere else!


cute goat


  • ​Goat Bloat Treatment Plan
  • CL Treatment Plan
  • How to Tattoo a Goat
  • Poison Information and Treatment Plan for Poisoned Goat
  • Year-to-year Tattoo Documentation and Records
  • Flock Tattoo ID Records and Yearly Tattoo Letter Records
  • ​Potential Vaccine Schedule and Injection Facts Workbook

Poisonous plants for goats


Poisonous plants may be surrounding your goats...

Right in your flowerbed. It's important to know what is poisonous and what to do if your goat gets sick when they over indulge in something toxic. 

After reading this you will know...

- The common name of plants

- Their habitat

- Affected animals (including: goats, sheep, cattle, horses, dogs, and cats)

- Important characteristics, toxic effects

- And treatment plan

Raising goats for beginners


The Three Goat Ladies Presents...

Raising Goats for Beginners e-Course

If you are serious about raising your goats with the most current information available regarding goat care, this course will give you exactly what you need for each step of the way. Don't worry about breeding, pregnancy or kidding questions. Don't fret when you begin milking.

In fact, don't worry about anything at all when it comes to owning goats, because this course will give you the exact information that you need!


I've gotten my goat systems under control...

Now it's your turn

Now all you need is this awesome goat binder mailed right to your door, the ability to print as many records as you need, and the know how to identify and remove poisonous plants from your property that could potentially hurt your goats.

But all of that is fun when you realize that you have what it takes to do it with confidence!

Remember, you can raise healthy goats and have fun doing it!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews


Juan Palacio
Amazing content

I’ve already started to look in this book for answers . It’s amazing and does a great job to explain things and gives you a good peace of mind .

Michele R White
Good for a beginner

I'm afraid I was looking for something different. I needed fact sheets - organization of information that I could use to make sense of all of the data I have in my binder. This is an excellent primer and I may save it for a new goat person but not someone who's been doing it for years but is bad at organization. .

Cheryl Gullett
My Goat Binder

Received my Goat Binder. Has interesting pages I find very helpful. I'd recommend this binder for anyone that has goat's. The only thing I found that could be approved on, is the number of record pages. It's good for maybe two goats but no more than that. I have five goat's with two of my does pregnant. So maybe it can be modified for each Farms needs. I'm sure with an extra cost.

So much value

Tiffany J.: I'm also a full-time blogger and think you need to up your price for the binder! Goodness girl! That is easily worth $49, printed! Heck, you could sell the PDF for the price you charged for the printed booklet! It's amazing and a wealth of information! I'm not a "goat girl" but I can see the value in our product! It was so much more than I expected.