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My Goat AND Parasite Binders

A Life of Heritage

Regular price $36.99
My Goat AND Parasite Binders
My Goat AND Parasite Binders
My Goat AND Parasite Binders
My Goat AND Parasite Binders
My Goat AND Parasite Binders


The bundle below is an awesome deal...But the All Book Bundle is an even better one...check it out here: All Book Bundle

If you own goats...

you ALSO need this bundle. 

Over 5,600 others, just like you, agreed.

You've invested so much

into your goats already...

special offer for a goat resource bundle

Get BOTH binders shipped right to your door.


books mailed to you

For $36.99 plus shipping, you'll get both books and you'll SAVE ON SHIPPING WHEN YOU GET THESE TWO BOOKS MAILED TOGETHER!

My Goat Binder record keeping system

my goat parasite control plan binder

But find out below what you'll ALSO get...

full bundle of books for goat owners

books for goat owners

more goat resources to raise goats

Total Value $192

PLUS! You'll get all of this information below as well!

Everything--literally--you need to know about goat parasites and how to manage them.

Updated from previous digital version with 15 more pages of information including wormer options, medication dosages and fecal egg count instructions.

36 front and back, full color pages.

You need to learn how to count how many eggs and worms are in your goats AND you need to know what to give, how much and how often. 

Parasite control plan table of contents

My Goat Binder table of contents

My Goat and Parasite Control Plan Binders

The Binders that Know it All...

Records All of it...

And Teaches you how to manage and control parasites...

A better way to keep records all in one place

Your deep breath of confidence and a lighter walk to the goat barn

The information you need right at your fingertips

Happier, healthier goats

Your goats are worth every penny you paid for them

and they are worth every penny to keep them healthy!

They rely on you.

They need you to get this right.

They will repay you with goat snuggles... 

and maybe even a lovely hair cut or two 😉

I've gotten my goat records, health and parasites under control...

Now it's your turn

Now all you need is these awesome goat binders mailed right to your door! 

Remember, you can raise healthy goats and have fun doing it!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Sheila Kyte
Will rate when we receive

We didn’t receive the binder yet

Lisa Horton
Goat Binder

I absolutely LOVE the Goat Binder. It is a MUST have! Delci has done an amazing job simplifying the process of what you need to have on hand and what to do in emergency situations. The free downloads, videos are so informational. Thanks to her information, I feel much more comfortable and confident in caring for my New Goats I'm about to get. Thank you Delci

Well Organized

We like the organization of the binder and the layout. Fun for kids and functional for adults. We are going to cut the binding off, laminate the pages, and put them in a 3 ring binder so we can keep it outside. The electronic copy is helpful as an easy way to search for key words and print off extra data sheets.

Julie Garrett
Great log book

Great log book