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My Parasite Control Plan

A Life of Heritage

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My Parasite Control Plan
My Parasite Control Plan

The book below is awesome...But My Goat Binder and My Parasite Binder bundled together is a better deal...and the  All Book Bundle is an even better one...check it out here: All Book Bundle

What is the Leading Goat Killer?

What is the leading goat killer?

For 15.99 plus shipping!

My Parasite Control Plan Binder

Updated from previous digital version with 15 more pages of information including wormer options, medication dosages and fecal egg count instructions.

36 front and back, full color pages.

You need to learn how to count how many eggs and worms are in your goats AND you need to know what to give, how much and how often. 

Table of Contents for My Parasite Control Plan

Everything--literally--you need to know about goat parasites and how to manage them.

Fecal goat worm egg

This is something that you can take full control over and become confident in your goat care concerning worms and parasites. 

This is what you'll learn:

Olivia Mini-Nubian
What causes parasite problems?
We do. And it's imperative to learn how to fix this!
Causes of resistance
These 4 things are completely under our control.
Parasite lifecycle
Knowing this cycle will help you stop this cycle.
Wormer options and dosage

Have you ever asked the question:

"What wormer did you use and how much did you give?"

Well, now you'll know exactly what to do, what to give, how much and how often!

Primary parasites

These parasites can wreck havoc on a goat herd.

What you can do to control parasites!

There is a lot you can do!

Guide to parasites of ruminants

Pictures of the most common eggs.

Effective against...
You will also learn which wormer products are effective against which worms. You can't treat worms with the wrong product. It will cause resistance and won't be effective. 

Why we can't rely on drugs alone

There's more to the picture than we may think!

Goat body check

Easy to do every time you are with your goats!

Fecal egg count procedure

This is a must that every goat owner needs to know and frequently do.

More treatment information and plans

Learn about 
SpectoGard, Coccidiosis, Meningeal Worm, and the all-powerful drug Levamisole and why you should use it only as a very last resort. 

Don't find this out the hard way...

Parasites are your biggest concern in raising goats.Worms can cost you a great deal in the long run.

A few ways worms can cause trouble for you:

  • Treatment costs

  • Herd's performance lessening

  • Death

Mini-Nubian with 4 kids

Knowing your goat's preferences and all the information in this booklet can help you keep your goats healthy and free from high worm loads that can be so detrimental to their health. 

The Binder that...

Teaches you how to manage and control parasites

My Parasite Control Plan Binder

  • The information you need all in one place
  • You have confidence and security in knowing what to do
  • The information you need right at your fingertips
  • Happier, healthier goats
Your goats are worth every penny you paid for them
and they are worth every penny to keep them healthy!
They rely on you.
They need you to get this right.
They will repay you with goat snuggles... 
and maybe even a lovely hair cut or two 😉

Goats looking over fence

This is the most important topic of goat ownership.

I've gotten my goat parasites under control...
Now it's your turn
Now all you need is this awesome parasite goat binder mailed right to your door! 
Remember, you can raise healthy goats and have fun doing it!

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