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My River of Wealth Financial Course

A Life of Heritage

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My River of Wealth Financial Course

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This online course elaborates on... 

- how to keep the right perspective about money

- recessions

- vision and destiny 

- provision

- why you still struggle with money even after doing everything "right"

- inheritance fights

- the coming economic wealth transfer

- the legitimate uses for money

- why you should be a financial eunuch

- it will help you answer the question: are you poor, middle class or rich?

- it will not only explain why the three ways to win with money work, but how they work 


And so much more!


This course will give you an exciting look and fresh perspective into your financial life!


The Lessons Include:

• The 12 Symptoms of the Spirit of Mammon

• Are you Poor, Middle Class or Rich?

• The Truth About Meekness and the Coming Economic Wealth Transfer

• The Three Rivers: Which Do You Live On?

• Money's Purpose and The Reason Behind Inheritance Fights

• 4 Reasons God Wants You to Prosper and 5 Legitimate Uses for Money

• Yup! Become a Financial Eunuch!

• Win With Money by TITHING

• Win With Money by DITCHING DEBT

• Win With Money and CLOSE THAT CIRCLE!

• This Isn't Working, What Do I Do Now? (Meaning: How Do I Fight the Spiritual Battle that's Happening Still?)


Are your heart and mind ready to dig deep and get to the very root of your financial problems? It’s hard, but I’ll walk you through each step.

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