Profitable Poultry Binder

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This binder will give you the complete start you need to raise poultry and profit. 

It corresponds perfectly with the books in this Shopify Store and will provide a printout of these items: 

  • Birdseye view, with bullet points, of the 7 ways to profit with poultry
  • How to sanitize feathers
  • Detailed steps for the Meeks Method of shipping hatching eggs
  • Hatching Eggs Terms and Conditions: Print out, Cut out, and Use!
  • Profitable Selling Framework Printout
  • Poultry Record of Treatment
  • Incubation Periods for Various Poultry Species
  • Incubation Trouble Chart
  • Egg Collection Chart
  • Monthly Egg Collection, Hatching and Offspring Notes
  • Raising Broilers Checklist
  • Hatching Records
  • Egg Turning Chart
  • Broiler Batch Card
  • Breeding Records
  • Bird Purchase, Selling, and Death Records
  • Fresh Eggs Nutrition Facts
  • Embryonic Development 
  • Farm Fresh Business Card Printout
  • Reputable Breeders Information Tracking Worksheet
  • Vendor and Supply List Tracking Worksheet
  • Income and Expense Records
  • Sample Calendar 
  • Blank Calendar Printout
  • Ready to Hang Flyer for Advertising 
  • List of What to Include in Ads
  • Sample Social Media and Ad Listing

This list will give you the edge and jump start you need into your poultry business.

It's so very necessary to start right in any business! And this bundle will give you the records, printouts, and paperwork you need!

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